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DynaCAD for Prostate is a digital imaging system with a comprehensive set of advanced visualization tools for performing real-time image analysis of prostate MRI studies.


• A powerful, easy-to-navigate MR image analysis system
 Quick processing and management of large volumes of data with configurable work lists
 Custom hanging protocols that open ready to read
 All patient studies are synchronized for easy review
 Complete, extensive summary reports with all important aspects of the study
 Automated, computer-guided inter ventional software: DynaLOC
 Full integration with DynaTRIM biopsy hardware


  • Colorized parametric maps for imaging data sets provide clear visualization of changes in MR signal intensity
    • Real-time interactive access to time-intensity curve data
    • Additional Curve Fits for improved evaluation of kinetic data
    • Images are automatically synchronized and can be reformatted in any plane
    • MPR and subtraction images are automatically generated for the reader
    • Capable of processing all time points without having to reprocess the study



  • DynaCAD for Prostate and DynaTRIM are an award-winning combination
  • A software and hardware combination that’s easily added into clinical workflow for both diagnostic imaging and MR-guided intervention
  • Services that increase utilization and revenue can be added to most MR scanners
  • Philips Marketing Prostate Press Kit provides strategic tactics and customizable marketing materials to launch a site-specific campaign to grow prostate MRI in your facility

Philips complete solution offers:

  • DynaCAD for Prostate advanced visualization and analysis software
  • DynaLOC inter ventional planning software
  • DynaTRIM (Trans-Rectal Interventional MRI) hardware
  • Philips interventional instruments

UroNav Fusion Biopsy System

Philips brings the power of MRI to the urology suite with the introduction of the UroNav Fusion Biopsy System – the next generation of prostate care.

Targeted MR/ultrasound biopsy is poised to become the new standard in prostate care. UroNav fuses pre-biopsy MR images of the prostate with ultrasound-guided biopsy images in real time, for excellent delineation of the prostate and suspicious lesions, as well as clear visualization of the biopsy needle.

UroNav fusion biopsy system from Invivo enables easy clinical use of this powerful MR/US fusion technique. It combines electromagnetic tracking and navigation with an onboard computer and a real-time imaging interface in one easy-to-use, mobile workstation.

The combination of UroNav with Invivo’s powerful MR image analysis system, DynaCAD for Prostate, creates a comprehensive, next-generation MR ultrasound solution for the detection and biopsy of suspicious prostate lesions. DynaCAD for Prostate provides the diagnostic MR information needed for the fusion biopsy by automatically transferring the relevant prostate images and lesion location data over your computer network for lesion identification and guidance during the TRUS biopsy procedure.

UroNav is designed to work the way you work. There is no need for complex mechanical devices or complicated, time-consuming set-up routines. UroNav’s simple, guided workflow follows the same TRUS biopsy procedure you are used to. UroNav is powerful, fast, and simple.

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