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Advancements in MRI technology and analysis capability are revolutionizing the way neuroradiologists interpret MRI studies and the way neurosurgeons plan for procedures.

Based on years of research and development, Invivo now provides the complete clinical solution including state of the art head coils, Esys fMRI – an fMRI stimulus system and DynaSuite Neuro – and automated, high performance processing and analysis package. These components can be purchased separately or as a complete solution.

All components by Invivo are multi-vendor compatible without restricting your neuro procedures to a specific MRI system. Radiologists and clinicians will benefit from the simplicity of a single integrated solution regardless of the MRI system employed.


  • Automatic data processing and display of data in customizable layouts as pre-defined by the physician.
  • Processed images are synchronized in each review screen for fast easy viewing and correlation by the physician.
  • Fiber tracks, activation areas, vessels and other neuro results may be easily visualized by placing over any underlying image.
  • 3D display for surgical planning, cut planes, adjustable thresholds and transparency levels are all available for superb visualization.
  • Simplified user interface allows analysis tools to be used quickly and easily.
  • Smart Fusion Review provides the standard 3 views plus a 3D reconstruction. Any image can be used as an underlay with multiple overlays to easily visualize the fiber tracks, activation areas, vessels and the results of other analysis.
  • Diffusion Review – DWI and DTI color map – Fractional anisotropy (FA) and apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) – FA and ADC values on a voxel by voxel basis or for a region of interest (ROI). Mean and standard deviations for ROIs
  • The 3D display within Smart Fusion Review provides rotation for surgical planning, as well as cut planes, adjustable thresholds and transparency levels for optimal visualization.
  • fMRI Review – Displays single or multiple fMRI activations – Threshold, opacity, and color selections – Time course graphs for activations
  • Perfusion Review – Relative Cerebral Blood Volume (rCBV), relative Cerebral Blood Flow (rCBF), Mean Transit Time (MTT), and relative Time To Peak (rTTP) – Acquired values, plus corrections for leakage and gamma variate – Color coded graph of results
  • The NeuroQuant system option automatically provides volumes of the Hippocampus and lateral ventricles; structures known to be affected by Alzheimer’s disease. These results can be shown against an age related normative database for comparison.

DynaSuite Neuro 3.0



DynaSuite Neuro 3.0 from Invivo is a high performance, advanced
MR Neuro solution designed for optimal workflow and repeatable analysis for pediatrics and adults. Applications include: perfusion for tumor analysis and stroke, diffusion and diffusion tensor imaging with fiber tracking for stroke and surgical planning, and functional MRI (fMRI) for analysis and surgical planning. In addition, the NeuroQuant option provides volumetrics of key neuro structures to aid in the assessment of dementia, epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

DynaSuite Neuro 3.0 is compatible with major MRI systems. Data sets from the study are processed in the background and registered to a high resolution 3DT1 scan. In each review screen, images are synchronized for easy viewing and correlation. Any anatomical image can be used as an underlay with multiple overlays to easily visualize the fiber tracks, activation areas, vessels, color maps, and the results of other analyses. A region of interest (ROI) can be drawn in any review screen for analytical results of the selected display layer. The preconfigured review screens simplify analysis and enhance workflow.


The Smart Fusion Review provides the standard multi-planer views plus a 3D reconstruction. The 3D display provides rotation, as well as cut planes, adjustable thresholds and transparency levels. The transparency of the skin layer and cortex in the 3D rendering can be adjusted independently as well for optimal visualization and surgical planning.


The fMRI review displays the paradigm time course graph for any selected activation as well as threshold settings for the paradigm for easy adjustment. The Diffusion Tensor review provides FA and ADC maps as well as the directional color map. All of these maps can be displayed as a layer in other hangings as well.


The Perfusion Review screens include a four-color map displaying relative Cerebral Blood Volume (rCBV), relative Cerebral Blood Flow (rCBF), Mean Transit Time (MTT), and relative Time To Peak (rTTP). A second Perfusion Review provides the dynamic  susceptibility curve on a voxel by voxel and ROI basis. Leakage correction is provided and a unique leakage color map is provided.

DynaSuite Neuro 3.0 is designed to streamline your workflow through automated processes. Its algorithms optimize settings that have been proven in the clinical environment. Comprehensive quality checks are available, however, to provide you with that extra measure of confidence. QC applications allow you to make a visual inspection of the results and make adjustments to positioning or thresholds.

DynaSuite Neuro 3.0 also provides you with the ability to create a “results image series” and a final report. The results images as well as the report can be sent to your PACS system and automatically combined with the original study data. The results images can also be exported to all the major surgical planning systems.

DynaSuite Neuro with NeuroQuant®


Invivo has partnered with CorTechs Labs to provide NeuroQuant quantitative analysis on its DynaSuite Neuro platform. Invivo is offering NeuroQuant as an option to compliment the advanced applications of DynaSuite Neuro which include perfusion, diffusion and functional MRI (fMRI). Data is automatically processed and displayed in predefined layouts which are customizable for each physician’s preference. A simplified user interface provides the neuroradiologist with the tools to analyze cases quickly and easily. Invivo offers extensive sales, service, and applications support to provide the comprehensive solution our customers expect.


  • Fully Automated Segmentation of MRI exams of the whole brain and regional volumetric quantification of structures
  • Automatic Correction for image artifacts including gradient nonlinearities and RF field inhomogeneities
  • Atlas-Based image registration, anatomical segmentation, and volumetric quantification of the hippocampus, ventricles and other brain structures
  • High Validity — Automated segmentation shown to be highly consistent with that performed by human expert neuroanatomist
  • High Reliability — Making results ideal for longitudinal follow-up and tracking of disease
  • Numerical Results are automatically compared to normative data to highlight atrophy greater than expected from normal aging
  • Medial Temporal lobe volumes from NeuroQuant shown to be sensitive to MCI and early AD in multi-vendor, multi-site MRI data

NeuroQuant provides two reports from its volumetric analysis, an age related report and a general morphometry report as shown below. DynaSuite Neuro provides special hangings for viewing each report with multi-planer images of the user’s choice.

Technical specifications

ACCESS ANYWHERE DynaSuite Neuro 3.0 features a client-server architecture that allows you to access the application anywhere you have a workstation that meets the minimum specification and has adequate bandwidth to the server. Staff members in the MRI control room and radiologists in the reading room or in their offices can access any study on the system, and results created at each location stay with the study. Existing DynaSuite customers can easily upgrade to the new system, preserving their investment and expanding their capabilities.

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