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Collaboration and transparency

Regardless of which services or distribution solutions our customers choose – consistently high quality standards and continuous and transparent processes are our top priority.

With the help of our IT platform, we allow our customers to keep an eye on their products and product status at any point in the supply chain. All data, such as sales, incoming goods, orders or stock levels, can be accessed online at any time through standard interfaces and reports in real time.

Sanova Logistics 360° offers a wide range of services and customer-driven solutions such as:

• air-conditioned storage capacity for 6,800 pallets
• 210 pallet spaces in temperature-controlled cold storage facilities
• 240 pallet spaces for addictive substances
• high-performance sorting and shipping technology
• order picking with barcode system
• returns management

We are always able to provide all our customers with competent customer support, from order to cash.

As a reliable partner to you, we develop ideal distribution solutions for you and supply all your customers such as pharmacies, hospitals, wholesalers and doctors. This applies to large volumes and small quantities of specialised drugs alike. Our customers continually benefit from product-specific and customised solutions.

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SANOVA Pharma GesmbH
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