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An Inside Out Approach to Prostate Ablation

Profound Medical is a Canadian medical device company that has developed a unique and minimally invasive procedure to ablate targeted prostate tissue.

Profound’s novel technology, TULSA, combines real-time MR imaging with transurethral therapeutic ultrasound and closed-loop thermal feedback control. It provides a highly precise treatment tailored to patient-specific anatomy and pathology. This method of prostate ablation offers short treatment times and low morbidity, allowing for fast patient recovery.

12-month results of the TULSA-PROTM Phase 1 Clinical Trial published in European Urology (http://bit.ly/1O7LVcv) demonstrated clinical safety and precision of TULSA-PRO for near whole-gland prostate ablation, with low toxicity and a well-tolerated safety profile. Profound Medical continues to monitor the initial 30 patients for 5 years.

A 110 patient Pivotal Trial is being established in over 10 institutions in Europe (Germany, Spain, The Netherlands), Canada and the United States.

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