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High frequency and high performance equipment specifically designed for use in veterinary clinics.

Electronics integrated in the unit with touch screen console for setting the radiographic parameters.

Used with the digital panels (direct system), it can be managed directly by the image acquisition and post processing software.

The on-board touch screen monitor allows first of all to modify the parameters with a simple touch and above all to have the radiographic image instantly; this is particularly useful in the case of diagnostic tests for hip dysplasia.




CDR Digital Vet

A complete system developed to lighten the vet’s job. Easily and quickly is possible to recover a digital image and proceed with post processing. A powerful software that offers many features for image post processing with full Dicom option.

Designed and produced by IBIS customizable to suit the needs of any veterinary clinic.

4-way floating table, 3,5 or 32kW of power with monobloc generator, Touchscreen panel with up to 240 programmable APRs to be recalled when needed.


The table has an excellent size that can also accommodate large patients. The certification for medical use has passed resistance tests to withstand up to 460 kilograms.

The Polirey tabletop is antibacterial, resistant to wear, liquids and scratches.

The brakes are mechanical and extremely quiet, designed so that the patient is not frightened by the noises of activation and release.

The brake pedal, across the entire width of the base, allows easy access; pressing the pedal automatically activates the collimator light to facilitate patient positioning.

Four sturdy cleats allow you to secure the traction cables.

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