Simplify radiation protection training using e-learning

We have developed a new e-learning tool to facilitate the implementation and documentation of your annual radiation protection briefings along with making radiation protection training more accessible.


Why are annual radiation safety briefings necessary?

Today, digital radiography makes it possible to produce high-resolution images of the inside of the body in just a few milliseconds. However, the ionizing radiation required for this purpose has been proven to be harmful to health. For this reason, radiation protection is essential. Taking this into account can reduce radiation exposure to a minimum without restricting medically necessary applications.


The benefits of e-learning

Our new e-learning series provides the necessary knowledge, skills and competences that are required for radiation protection. Learners should integrate the acquired knowledge consistently and independently into their work environment and medical routine. The informative and visual material has been prepared in a way that is both didactic and suitable for learning, in order to convey the necessary knowledge in a way that is appropriate for everyday use and practice.


Basic module

The basic module covers the mandatory annual radiation protection training.


  1. Introduction
  2. Legal basis
  3. General procedure in radiation protection
  4. Health risks associated with the activity
  5. Protection of patients, staff and other persons
  6. Knowledge check

Additional in-depth modules

  • Module 1: Radiation protection law (medical exposures)
  • Module 2: Radiation Biology, Radiation Damage & Radiation Exposure
  • Module 3: Protection of patients, staff and other persons
  • Module 4: Dosimetry & Practical Radiation Protection

Each module includes a knowledge check at the end.

Information and contact

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our e-learning offer.

Ing. Robert Magauer, MBA
Head of X-Ray Solutions
0664 96 76 336


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