Personal Dosimetry

Certified according to ISO 9001 and accredited according to IEC/ISO 17025

Sanova Medical Systems has been an authorized dosimetry service provider in Austria by the Federal Ministry (BMK) since 2022.

We simplify the handling of the monthly dosimeter evaluation for our customers, with our comprehensive customer service, such as our user-friendly personal dosimetry software and the option of pre-sorted dosimeter boxes.

The evaluation of the dosimeters is carried out by us in Austria. No personal data will be forwarded abroad.

OSL Dosimetry

Optically Stimulated Luminescence, or OSL technology, is a new method that has been established in both whole body and partial body dosimetry.

In OSL dosimetry, beryllium oxide ceramics are used as detectors. These contain defects in their crystal structure that can capture electrons when irradiated. By stimulating them with light, these electrons can be released again. In this way, energy is released in the form of light. Special photomultipliers measure the light output and provide it as a unit of measurement for the dose.

The advantages of OSL dosimeters include repeatability of evaluation and high sensitivity (low minimum measurable dose). Due to these favorable characteristics, OSL dosimeters became popular very quickly.

Your Advantages

Easy communication channels

  • central personnel management within the software
  • possibility of double-sided personnel administration
  • contemporary and paper-free

Facilitation of bureaucracy

  • customer-specific presorting (department, alphabet)
  • coordination of delivery and return (transport boxes)
  • monthly exchange of the complete dosimeter (not only the content)

Color coding

  • The different colors of the dosimeters enable them to be changed monthly or by department.

Environmental protection

  • Waste avoidance through reuse of the multi-readable dosimeters

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