Our Services

Sanova Medical Systems offers manufacturer-independent radiation protection services for hospitals, radiologists, and general medical practitioners.

  • Project planning of new installations, reconstructions, or replacement of X-ray equipment
  • Acceptance test, partial acceptance tests and constancy tests
  • Mammography screening
  • Assistance with legal requirements and official regulations

Project planning and consulting

Supporting you with the organization and handling of new installations as well as realizing conversions or the replacement of X-ray equipment will be a pleasure for us.

We will take care of:

  • Project management in the field of radiation protection law and hospitals
  • Cost planning, optimization of radiation protection in advance
  • Coordination of the expert opinions (calculation report and radiation protection measurement)
  • Provision of lead materials (lead foil, protective windows, doors, curtains)
  • Support with official submissions (construction and operating permits)
  • Assistance with regulatory inspections
  • Presence at on-site negotiations

Acceptance and constancy tests

We perform acceptance and partial acceptance tests on medical X-ray equipment, cooperating with many manufacturers and suppliers.

Constancy tests ensure that the quality of X-ray systems or peripheral units is maintained and are carried out by us in accordance with the current ÖNORM standards and within the permissible intervals.

  • Realization at fixed prices without hidden costs
  • Appointment scheduling with consideration for your patient operation
  • Compliance with the inspection intervals according to the applicable ÖNORM standards
  • Calibrated test equipment for constancy testing is provided by us
  • User training for self-execution

Mammography screening

The Austrian Breast Cancer Early Detection Program has been running since 2014.

For a radiology institute to participate in this program, the successful raising of the technical QA to EUREF-Ö level (EUREF-TQS) is required. We gladly support you as an approved, technical office with the technical measurements.

Long-standing experience

Robert Magauer has many years of experience as a radiation protection expert.



  • HTL Elektrotechnik (Higher Institute of Technical Education), MBA Studies in Vienna
  • Radiation protection training:
  1. Austria – Radiation Protection Officer Medicine & Technology (enclosed)
  2. Germany – Expertise 6.1 – Notice of recognized radiation protection expert
  3. Switzerland – Notice of recognized radiation protection consultant
  • Technical security officer (TÜV training, officially appointed)
  • QM training incl. certificates

Consulting and offers

The focus of our work is on individual advice and customer service. Therefore, if you have any questions regarding our radiation protection services, Robert Magauer will be happy to assist you at any time.

Ing. Robert Magauer, MBA
Head of X-Ray Solutions
0664 96 76 336

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