Quality control X-ray protective clothing

With the compact and mobile X-ray Flaw Detector FlowD 8020 we carry out a fast and effective inspection of X-ray protective clothing at your premises in accordance with ÖNORM S 5213.

In 15-20 seconds, an image is taken of each protective element, on which defects found are automatically displayed in color by a special algorithm. A test report including a colored image is generated automatically.

In order to keep a clear record of all the protective clothing in a hospital, each piece is labelled with a high-quality QR code, which can be read with any conventional smartphone and contains all the relevant data, such as department and room allocation.


  • Protection of personnel and equipment resources
    CT and fluoroscopy are no longer required for quality control
  • Time saving
    Short distances due to testing directly in the areas, protective material does not have to leave the department.
  • High resolution image processing
    Standardized image editing with known options like windows, zooming, cropping, brightness, etc. …
  • Radiation protection
    The device operates as a full protection device, i.e. the personnel is not exposed to any radiation during quality control
  • Colored inspection reports
    With clear, illustrative representation of the defects
  • Increase of the quality standard
    Process and documentation of the quality control of the X-ray protective clothing are performed in a standardized manner
  • Clear inventory
    The entire protective clothing of a hospital/facility is clearly recorded.


At the beginning, the compact and mobile test system FlowD is pushed to the place intended for the inspection.

It is a full protection device and can therefore be used anywhere.

Before commissioning, the roller tables on the side are folded out. These ensure a convenient transfer of the X-ray protective clothing (or other test object) into the inspection chamber. Once the unit has been switched on and booted up, the clothing to be examined is placed on the roller table as flat as possible and without folds. The lead equivalent value indicated on the apron is entered in the system.

After pressing the start button, the apron is automatically pulled through the test chamber, similar to the familiar systems at airports. After approx. 15-20 seconds, the measurement is completed. The image of the test object is shown on the screen in real time. An inspection report is automatically generated with any detected deficiencies. On the picture, areas that match or exceed the specified lead equivalent value are shown in green. Areas that fall below this value by up to 10% are displayed in yellow, and all areas in which the lead equivalent value is undercut by more than 10% are displayed in red.

All scanned images are automatically saved in the device’s image archive (up to 1 million images).

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